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Bushkova Ol'ga Viktorovna

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Istomina A. S., Bushkova O. V. Polymer binders for the electrodes of lithium batteries. Part 3. Conductive polymers
Istomina A. S., Bushkova O. V. The Polymer Binders for the Electrodes of Lithium Batteries. Part 2. Synthetic and Natural Polymers
Zhuravlev V. D., Shchekoldin S. I., Andryushin S. E., Sherstobitova E. A., Nefedova K. V., Bushkova O. V. Electrochemical Characteristics and Phase Composition of Lithium-Manganese Oxide Spinel with Excess Lithium Li_(1 + x)Mn?O?
Istomina A. S., Bushkova O. V. Polymer Binders for the Electrodes of Lithium Batteries. Part 1. Polyvinylidene Fluoride, its Derivatives and Other Commercialized Materials
Zhuravlev V. D., Bushkova O. V., Pachuev A. V., Nefedova K. V. Electrochemical behavior of Li[Ni1/3Co1/3Mn1/3]O2 Catode material produced by scs procedure
Andreev O. L., Bushkova O. V., Batalov N. N. Calculation of thermodynamic properties of cobalt (III, IV) oxides and lithium cobaltite
Bushkova O. V., Andreev O. L., Batalov N. N., Shkerin S. N., Kuznetsov M. V., Tyutyunnik A. P., Koryakova O. V., Song E. H., Chung H. J. Chemical interaction in the cathode half-element of lithium ion batteries
Bushkova O. V., Lirova B. I., Zhukovskii V. M., Tyutyunnik A. P., Pivovarova N. V. Phase equilibria in the system poly(butadiene-CO-acrylonitrile) – lithium perchlorate
Sofronova T. V., Moiseev G. K., Bushkova O. V., Zhukovskii V. M. Composition and thikness of the passivating films, formed upon lithium contact with the gas of various compositions (computer simulation)
Zhukovskii V. M., Bushkova O. V., Lirova B. I., Kruglyashov A. L. New lithium conducting polymer electrolytes for power sources