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Popova S. S., Hussein A. H., Ol'shanskaya L. N., Arzamastsev S. V. Elemental composition of the surface layers formed on titanium at the cathodic treatment in chitosan-containing aqueous-dimethyl sulfoxide solutions of phosphate-molybdate electrolyte
Popova S. S., Hussein A. H., Frolova I. I., Abdullin V. F. Cathodic Modification in Aqueous Phosphate­-Molibdate Solutions of Chitosan as a Way of Enhancing Hydride-Forming and Hydride-Accumulating Properties of Titanium
Guseva E. S., Popova S. S., Frantsev R. K. Prospective Composite Materials for Lithium~Ion Battery Cathodes Based on~Transition Metals Oxide and Rare Earth Elements Oxides Modified with Fullerene and Fluoride Ions
Shcherbinina O. N., Murzagaliev A. N., Popova S. S. Activation of the Process of Cathode Synthesis of Calcium Anodes in Aproton Solutions of Calcium Salts of Various Anion Composition
Guseva E. S., Popova S. S. Electrochemical Behavior of MnO2-electrode in Aprotic Organic Solutions of Salts of Lanthanum and its Analogs (Rare Earth Elements)
Shcherbinina O. N., Popova S. S. Peculiarities of the kinetic laws of cathode synthesis of the Cu–Pb–Bi–Ca system designed for using as an anode of a metal-ion battery
Popova S. S., Guseva E. S. Kinetics of processes in the lanthanum-based LiLaAl/LiClO4/MnO2, system at potentiodynamic cycling
Kurenkova M. Y., Kasimov K. R., Guseva E. S., Popova S. S. Fluorocarbon cathodes for lithium elements
Ol'shanskaya L. N., Lazareva E. N., Popova S. S., Ol'shanskaya A. A., Klepikov A. P. Materials of negative electrodes for rechargeable lithium batteries with aprotic organic electrolytes
Popova S. S., Denisov A. V. Kinetics law of lithium in electrochemical system LiAl/LiI(DAC)/С8CrO3 (DAC)
Popova S. S., Astaf'eva E. N., Denisov A. V., Kuyunko N. S., Kushch S. D. Influence of fullerene on electrochemical characteristics of LixC6 electrode
Popova S. S., Gots I. Y. Effect of the rare-earth element nature on the kinetics of electrochemical formation of Li-Mg-REE-Al alloys in the aluminum electrode-matrix
Popova S. S., Apalikova L. E., Klyuev V. V. Influence of anodic processing of aluminium in the phosphate solutions at the kinetics of cathodic incorporation of lanthanum and lithium from the aprotic organic solutions