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Электрохимические конденсаторы

International Specialized Fair “INDEPENDABLE POWER SOURCES – 2023”

Международная специализированная выставка
«Автономные источники тока – 2023»
Дата проведения: 10–12 апреля 2023
Место проведения: г. Москва, ул. Новый Арбат, д. 36, фойе БКЗ здания Правительства
Время работы выставки:
10–11 апреля 2023 10.00–17.00
12 апреля 2023 10.00–12.00
Организатор: Национальная ассоциация производителей источников тока «РУСБАТ»

Impediance spectroscopy of modified potassium titanates. II

The electrochemical and electrophysical properties of basic and protonated potassium titanates in contact with the graphite electrodes were studied using the method of impedance spectroscopy. The characteristics of potassium titanates are given depending on the methods of modification and on the methods of their processing. The activation energies for some compositions were determined.

Electrophysical properties of ceramic materials based on manganese-containing potassium polytitanates

The new materials obtained in the potassium polytitanate (PPT)–MnSO4 system by modifying PPT in aqueous solutions of manganese sulfate of various concentrations, followed by thermal treatment and annealing at 1080°C, were synthesized and studied. The phase composition of the obtained materials was determined. Their electrochemical and electrophysical properties in the temperature range from 250 to 700°C were studied.

Impedance spectroscopy of modified potassium titanates. I

The electrochemical and electrophysical properties of the protonated and modified with silver iodide potassium titanates, which can be applied in energy storage units, have been investigated by impedance spectroscopy. It has been shown that the dielectric losses at medium and high frequencies are weakly dependent on the polarizing voltage. It has also been established that transfer in modified potassium titanate can be made through potassium and silver ions.

Sulfurizingpoly(5-vinyl-2-methyl)pyridine: synthesis and electrochemical properties

Poly(5-vinyl-2-methylpyridine) sulfurized with elemental sulfur at 140-320°C (sulfur content up to 45%) possess electric conductivity (6.4·10-11-1.6·10-7 S/cm), paramagnetism 6.2·1018–5.0·1019 sp/g, g = 2.0043-2.0046, AH = 0.49-0.58 mT), redox and complex-forming properties.

The automatic module for cycling of electrochemical cells

The automatic module device for cycling in galvanostatic regime with a wide range of charge/discharge current and measuring signals from electrochemical cells is developed. The software allowing governing the cycling processes and providing friendly interactive interface is written.

Development of a technology of hydrometallurgical processing of negative active masses of alkaline batteries

A hydrometallurgical processing of iron-cadmium masses extracted from the negative electrodes of used alkaline batteries was tested at the Leninsk-Kuznetsk Kuzbasselement plant (Kuzbasselement Ltd.) in trial scale. The technology proposed is capable of recycling cadmium (hydr)oxide and iron oxide, the main components of cathodic masses.

Electrochemical behaviour of thiopyrillium and pyridynium heterocyclic structures in contact with q lithium anode

The ivestigations of the behaviour of electrochemical systems organized by direct contact of anode-alkaline metal Li and cathode-organic semiconductor selected from a number of thyopyran derivatives have been carried out. It has been found, that by the contact the transitional layer – electronic dielectric ensuring stable value of electromotive force and performing functions of a unipolar conductor on ions Li+ and in the electrical field is formed.

A stydy of topoelectrochemical processes on the interface of lithium and organic semiconductor by means of galvanostatic tur-on

The investigations of transient processes on lithium-thiopyryllium hexochlorostonnate border by the method of chronopotentiometry have been carried out. The formation of interphase layers with a grain structure has been found. The formation of such layers can control the kinetics of anode and cathode processes. A transient layer performs Li+ ions functions of a unipolar conductor in the electric field and is adequately described by the model of currents limited by a space charge

Mechanization of making active masses for positive electrodes

We have developed a facility that helps to produce positive active material for lamellar oxide-nickel electrodes with expensive raw material loss reduced to a minimum. It has allowed to significantly improve working conditions for those involved in making active material. Having mechanized principal operations we have managed to reduce the cost of production and labour input. This, in turn, has lowered the prime cost of nickel-cadmium storage batteries manufactured at Joint stock Co., open Autonomous Power Sources Plant, Saratov.