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Churikov Aleksei Vladimirovich

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Makhov S. V., Ushakov A. V., Ivanishchev A. V., Gridina N. A., Churikov A. V., Gamayunova I. M., Volynskii V. V., Klyuev V. V. Peculiarities of Lithium Pentatianate and Lithium – Vanadium(III) Phosphate Joint Operation in the Lithium-accumulating System
Bulyukina V. A., Ushakov A. V., Churikov A. V. Functional Behavior of the Materials Based on Iron(II)–Lithium Phosphate with the Trifilite Structure in the Lithium Accumulatory System with Aqueous Electrolyte
Ivanishchev A. V., Ivanishcheva I. A., Churikov A. V. Approaches to the investigation of lithium tran- sport in intercalation electrodes based on thin film structures and multiphase composites
Romanova V. O., Churikov A. V., Zapsis K. V., Gamayunova I. M., Churikov M. A., Vasil'kov M. Y. The kinetic research of hydrolysis in the systems used in borohydride hydrogen power engineering
Churikov A. V., Ivanishchev A. V., Ivanishcheva I. A., Gamayunova I. M., Zapsis K. V., Sycheva V. O. Lithium intercalation into thin-film lithium-tin and lithium-carbon electrodes: an impedance spectroscopy study
Pridatko K. I., Churikov A. V. Anode non-carbon lithium-accumulating composite materials
Sycheva V. O., Churikov A. V. The lithium-manganese spinels: the methods of enhancement of their stability and power intensity
Burmistrova N. A., Sycheva V. O., Churikov A. V., Ivanishcheva I. A. The lithium – iron phosphate LiFePO4 as cathode material for lithium-ion batteries
Churikov A. V., Ivanishchev A. V., Zapsis K. V., Sycheva V. O., Gamayunova I. M. Fuel cells on boron-hydride fuel
Churikov A. V., Gridina N. A., Churikova N. V., Solopova T. A., Forostyanyi S. A., Levin V. Y. Development of a carbon material for negative electrode of lithium-ion battery
Churikov A. V. Electrochemistry of lithium systems in RFBR grants (1994-2001)
Churikov A. V. On the determination of lithium diffusion coefficient in intercalated materials.
Zobenkova V. A., Churikov A. V. Lithium intercalation into titanium dioxide: investigation by electrochemical and photoelectrochemical methods
Varlamova T. M., Yurina E. S., Churikov A. V. Phase equilibria in the electrolyte systems LiPF6-diethyl carbonate- propylene carbonate
Ivanishchev A. V., Churikov A. V. A study of mass transport processes in lithium-carbon intercalates by means of chronopotentiometry
Pridatko K. I., Churikov A. V., Volgin M. A. Determination of lithium diffusion rate by pulse potentiostatic method