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On the influence of the carbon material surface fraction determined by porosity on the linearity of the charge-discharge characteristics of DLSC

The electrical and chemical characteristics of nanocomposite materials based on carbon black for double-layer supercapacitors were investigated. It was shown that the highest values of the specific capacitive characteristics were obtained for carbon material SP4 which has the largest specific surface area (total capacity 228 F/g, reversible capacity 162 F/g).

Electrochemical properties of activated carbon in alkaline electrolyte

We have studied the capacitance and kinetic properties of nanoporous carbon material which was obtained from wood. The maximum radius pore distribution of the investigated material was 1.37 nm. The data from X-ray scattering and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy was used to investigate the influence of porous structure change and electronic structure of activated carbon material on the mechanism and kinetics of charge-discharge at 7.6m KOH solution.

The cjncentration effects of the conductive fillers in the carbon-carbon electrodes of the electrochemical capacitor

Recent experimental results on the electrical and electrochemical properties of carbon-carbon electrodes of electrochemical capacitors (supercapacitors) are discussed. The dependence of electronic conductivity, specific capacity and the equivalent series resistance on the concentration and nature of the conductive filler is revealed: carbon black PA-76, carbon fibers VGCF grown in vacuum.

Perspective Electrode Materials for Super-capacitors

In this review electrochemical and structural data for the electrodes made of certain of perspective materials for supercapacitors are considered. These electrodes were made on the basis of high-dispersed carbon materials.