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Электролиты для химических источников тока

Electrochemical properties of quinones, antraquinones and their derivatives – potential redox-systems for flow batteries

Practical interest in redox flow batteries has arisen in recent decades as a result of intensive development in the field of alternative energy (such as solar and wind) and the control of peak loads in industrial electrical networks. It turned out that large-scale energy storage systems used to compensate fluctuations in the process of solar and wind generation of energy in the production of electric vehicles and power supply systems for large households, are more profitable when working on redox flow batteries.

Electrolytes for rechargable chemical current sources with magnesium anode

The article provides a list of currently known electrolytes for creating rechargeable chemical current sources with a magnesium anode. Among them are electrolytes containing and not containing chlorides, as well as boron- and aluminum-centric electrolytes as liquid electrolytes. Examples of thickened, polymeric and solid electrolytes are given. Summary tables on the properties of solvents and liquid solutions of electrolytes are given.