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Fateev Sergei Anatol'evich

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ведущий научный сотрудник

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Fateev S. A., Putsylov I. A., Smirnov S. E. On the Issue of Heat Emissions in Lithium-fluorocarbon Cells
Putsylov I. A., Negorodov M. V., Ivanov P. D., Smirnov S. E., Fateev S. A. Increasing the Energy Output of the Fluorocarbon Cathode
Fateev S. A., Putsylov I. A., Smirnov S. E. The Prospects of Use of the Fast-Tempered Materials in Current Sources
Fateev S. A., Putsylov I. A., Smirnov S. E. Glass Carent Lead of Lithium-Fluorocarbon Power Source
Fateev S. A., Putsylov I. A., Smirnov S. E., Fomin D. V. Литий-фторуглеродный источник тока для гастроскопии
Fateev S. A., Polyakova N. V., Kondratov V. P. Prolonged testingof lithium-fluorocarbon ctlls
Fateev S. A. Modern power sources for cardioelectronics
Vul'f V. A., Polyakova N. V., Fateev S. A. Effect of feedstock on the characteristics of cathodes fluorinated carbon
Fateev S. A., Rudakov V. M. Electrochemical and chemical stability of y-butyrolacton-based electrolytes
Fateev S. A., Nnzhnikovskin E. A. The high temperatures lithium-fluorocarbon cells
Fateev S. A., Frantsev N. N., Efimov O. N., Lyubanter G. A., Frantsev D. N. Determination of residual capacity of lithium-fluorocarbon batteries for car-dioelectronics
Yarmolenko O. V., Tulibaeva G. Z., Baskakova Y. V., Bogdanova L. M., Dzhavadyan E. A., Komarov B. A., Rozenberg B. A., Efimov O. N., Fateev S. A. Synthesis and research of electrochemical properties of new gel electrolytes based on polyester diacrylates and 1 M LiBF4 in gamma-butirolactone
Fateev S. A., Tuseeva E. K., Skundin A. M. Current leads corrosion and the problem of diagnostics of fluorocarbon-lithium cells
Fateev S. A., Kulova T. L., Skundin A. M. Lithium-fluourocarbon power sources for implanted electrical cardiostimulators