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Первичные элементы

Search for low-melting functional electrolytes in a four-component reciprocal system Na⁺, Rb⁺, Cs⁺ || F⁻, NO₃⁻

The division of the four-component reciprocal system Na+, Rb+, Cs+ || F, NO3 into stable elements was carried out for the first time. The phase tree, confirmed by the experimental data from the differential thermal analysis, was constructed. The chemical interaction in a yet unexplored faceting element, i. e. in the three-component reciprocal system Na+, Cs+ || F, NO3, and in the four-component reciprocal system was studied.

Nonlinear impedance spectroscopy of composite materials based on potassium~polytitanate

Experimental studies of the electrochemical and electrophysical properties of protonated potassium polytitanate and sodium-modified pryderite were carried out using the method of nonlinear impedance spectroscopy. The frequency dependencies of the resistance of the volume of grains and grain boundaries were determined depending on the magnitude of the polarization voltage (DC) and on the value of the perturbation signal (AC).

Impedance spectroscopy studies of Li/Bi2Se3 <1%Cu> system

The system Li/1M LiBF4 in γ-butyrolactone/Вi2Se3 <1%Си> is firstly investigated by the impedance spectroscopy method. The measured impedance spectra as a function of the depth of discharge and temperature are presented. Modeling the experimental data was carried out on the basis of different equivalent circuits and their acceptance is estimated. We have determined the parameters of the circuits' elements and found the coefficients describing the electrode reactions and interfaces.

The structural model of the alkaline accumulator. Relaxational polarization

The structural model of the alkaline accumulator based on the well-known empirical dependences describing the accumulator discharge was suggested. It was shown that to describe the discharge curves correctly together with the basic current producing chemical reaction there must be a parallel chemical reaction that results in an unstable phase of small capacity.

Structural modelling of the process of self-discharging in alkaline accumulators

A structural model of the alkaline accumulator that takes into account self-discharging is suggested from which all the well-known empirical dependences were obtained. It was shown that the existing empirical dependences describing the process of self-discharging in alkaline accumulators don't contradict one another but supplement each other as they are true, each in its interval of discharging time.

Usage of fuel elements in house building

Problems of using fuel cells as both electric and heat energy sources are reviewed. Such "hybrid" fuel cells possess enhanced net efficiency up to 90%. Some examples of fuel cells sets use in dwelling from small cottages up to multi-storey hotels are presented.