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Shvetsov A. S., Zarubin A. N., Teslya V. I. Mathematic simulation of current generating processes and analysis of porous electrode operating efficiency. Electrochemical Energetics, 2007, vol. 7, iss. 2, pp. 84-?. , EDN: MLJJET

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Mathematic simulation of current generating processes and analysis of porous electrode operating efficiency

Shvetsov A. S., Ural Electrochemical Combine
Zarubin A. N., Ural Electrochemical Combine
Teslya V. I., Ural Electrochemical Combine

With mathematical methods of description of macrokinetic processes in the volume of porous electrodes the investigation of influence of kinetic and structural characteristics of electrode-comprising materials to the process of current generation was performed. The nonuniformity of current generation distribution as well as the level of polarization loss are significantly determined by correlation of electric conduction values of solid phase components and electrolyte. The experiments to evaluate the efficiency of electrodes of nickel-metal hydride system were conducted. From calculations and investigations performed it appears that high nonuniformity of current generation occurs in metal hydride electrode with nonoptimal thickness choice, especially when electrode works in unilateral mode. The results obtained are considered in the development of powerful nickel-metal hydride battery mock-up for walkie-talkie units.

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