cyclic voltammetry

Electrochemical oxidation of borohydride-ion on nickel electrode: a study by the method of ir-spectroscopy

The study of the anodic oxidation of borohydride-ion BH4 on catalytically active nickel electrode by methods of potentiostatic inclusion, galvanostatically inclusion, cyclic voltammetry and infrared spectroscopy with Fourier transformation. The composition of some intermediates of the process of electrochemical oxidation of BH4 and the mechanism of decomposition of borohydride, which includes the following basic stages: BH4 → BH3(OH) → BH2(OH)2 → BH(OH)3 → B(OH)4, is determined. The regularities of the kinetics of the electrochemical oxidation of BH4 – ion Ni-electrode is determined. The diffusion coefficient BH4 ion in aqueous solution at a temperature of 25°C, measured by electrochemical methods, ranges from 5.3·10–5 to 1.6·10–5, the average value of 2·10–5 cm2/s.