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Coulomb efficiency

NiO/C-based anodes for lithium-ion current sources

Nowadays, the active search for an anode material, which can be used in lithium-ion current sources, takes place. The potential anode materials are transition metal oxides (SnO2, NiO and others). In this work, submicron NiO powder was obtained using the thermal decomposition of Ni(CH3COO)2⋅4H2O. Besides, a NiO/C composite anode was fabricated and its behavior in the anode half-cell of lithium-ion current source was studied during multiple cycling.

C/SiC-based anodes for lithium-ion current source

Compositions of ultrafine Si and C particles are promising anode materials for lithium-ion power sources with improved energy characteristics. In the work, samples of lithium-ion power sources with an anode made of ultrafine SiC fibers, as well as mixtures of SiC fibers with graphite (C/SiC) and electrolytically deposited submicron silicon fibers (C/Si/SiC) were fabricated and studied for energy characteristics.