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ISSN 1680-9505 (Online)

галогениды щелочных металлов

Phase complex modeling and experimental identification of the compositions of low-melting electrolyte mixtures in the stable triangle LiF-NaF-KCl of the quaternary reciprocal system Li+ ,Na+ ,K+ ||F− ,Cl−

Alkali metal halides are used as heat-storing materials, electrolytes for chemical power sources and solvents for inorganic substances. Using three-dimensional vector graphics software, a 3D model of the phase equilibrium states of the quasi-ternary system LiF-NaF-KCl, which is a stable triangle of the four-component reciprocal system Li+ ,Na+ ,K+ ||F-,Cl, was constructed. Based on the 3D model, the polythermal and isothermal sections and the polytherm of crystallization of the phases were constructed for the first time.


Галогениды щелочных металлов находят применение в качестве теплоаккумулирующих материалов, электролитов для химических источников тока, растворителей неорганических веществ. Построена 3D модель фазовых равновесных состояний квазитройной системы LiF-NaF-KCl, являющейся стабильным треугольником четырехкомпонентной взаимной системы Li+,Na+,K+F-,Cl-, с применением программ трехмерной векторной графики. На основе 3D модели впервые построены политермические, изотермические разрезы и политерма кристаллизации фаз.

Volume Change When Melting Halides of s'-Elements and their Double Mixes: Analytical Description, Calculation and Interrelation

An important feature when using low-melting mixtures of halides of s-elements as a refiner of electrolytes for chemical power sources and thermal storage materials in thermal batteries is the amount of volume increase in the melting process which can be calculated by the formula [1]:
?V = ((Vк – Vж) / Vк)·100% = (?V/Vк)·100%,(1)