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никель-кадмиевая батарея

Thermal runaway in nickel-cadmium batteries with sintered and extruded electrodes

It is shown by experiments that probability of thermal runway in nickel-cadmium batteries with sintered oxide-nickel electrodes is higher, than in the batteries with extruded and pasted electrodes. Besides, it is shown that the probability of thermal runaway decreases with decrease of battery capacitance.

Capacitance from Discharge Current Depen-dence Modeling in Nickel-Cadmium Batteries

It was shown by experiments for SAFT batteries of stationary application and medium rate of discharge, that empirical equations Korovin-Skundin's, Peukert's generalized equation, probability integral, porous electrode equation allow to describe the dependence capacitance C(f), given by nickel-cadmium batteries, from discharge current with the accuracy sufficient for practical needs (5-6%) on all the range of discharge currents.