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The properties of active carbon materials in double layer super capacitors in the electrolyte based on the mi[ture of acetjnitrile-tetramethylammonium bis(oxalate) borate

The efficiency of the electrolyte based on the mixture of acetonitrile – tetramethylammonium bis(oxalate)borate with the concentration of the latter 0.7 mol/kg in double layer supercapacitors has been shown. Electrochemical properties of active carbon materials Norit DLC Supra 30 and Kausorb-212 have been investigated in supercapacitor samples of disk construction in 2016 dimensions using potentiodynamic and galvanostatic methods.

Study of activated Ener G2 P2-type carbon as material for supercapacitors with nonaqueous electrolyte

DOI: 10.18500/1608-4039-2015-15-4-160-166

Behavior of electrodes based on activated carbon P2 (Ener G2) wih additions of plain carbon black, as well as carbon black doped with silver nanoparticles have been studied. Depending on potential range and polarization direction the electrodes were found to reveal a capacitance close to double-layer or pseudocapacitance.