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оксидно-никелевый электрод

The development of technologe of nickel-zinc rechargeable cell. For centenary of the cell creation

In the review devoted to centenary of Nickel-Zinc rechargeable cell, the following steps of its development are examined. The first step (1900-1970) includes the works in the field of selection of the rational manufacturing technology and the cell design for the possible fields of application and solution of the problems appeared at the joint functioning of zinc and nickel oxide plates.

Hjnentiostatic diagnostic method of nickel-oxide electrode active materialfrom nickel-cadmium battery

It was described a featers of potentiostatic diagnostic method of nickel-oxide electrode active material. A relation between current of nickel-oxide electrode under potentiostatic polarization was found.

Hybrid Supercapacitors in Aqueous Electrolytes

A review of the current literature on hybrid supercapacitors (hybrid devices) in acid and alkaline electrolytes is presented.