Impedance spectroscopy of polymer composites based on base potassium polytitanate

Work is devoted to the study of electrochemical and dielectric properties of the base potassium polytitanate and polymer composite based on it. The temperature dependence of ac-conductivity, permittivity, dielectric loss tangent. An increase in the dielectric constant of the composite with respect to the values of the dielectric constant of the base potassium polytitanate. The values of the dc-conductivity.

A stability study of platinized carbon black and carbon nanotubes nanocomposite as a fuel cell electrocatalyst

By cyclic voltammetry and rotating disk electrode investigated the stability of the composite catalyst Pt/C–CNT from electrochemical action through multiple changes of the electrode potential from –150 to 1000 mV vs. silver chloride reference electrode. Investigated: the dynamics of the electrochemically active surface area of platinum and electrode in whole, change of amount of quinone groups, change in density of the kinetic current reduction of air oxygen on the surface of the catalyst. With the use of the method of differential thermal analysis studied the oxidation processes and the mechanisms of change of the physicochemical properties of the material under electrochemical action.