Obtaining a Fibrous Polymeric Material from a Mixture of Polyvinylidene Fluoride and Polystyrene by Capillary-free Electrospinning for a Sealed Lead-Acid Accumulator Separator

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The paper considers the most significant properties of moulding solutions based on a mixture of polyvinylidene fluoride and polystyrene for the process of capillary-free electrospinning nonwoven materials. It has been shown that the material obtained from the mixed solution of polyvinylidene fluoride and polystyrene in the ratio of components 0.75 : 0.25 is the largest porous, the diameter of the fibers is in the widest range from 0.14 to 2.8 μm, and branching of the fibers is observed. The use of an absorptive glass matrix separator and this material improved the oxygen cycle efficiency.


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