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Chudinov E. A., Kedrinskii I. A., Shishko V. S. Electrochemical properties of foamgraphite. Electrochemical Energetics, 2004, vol. 4, iss. 3, pp. 153-?.

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Electrochemical properties of foamgraphite

Chudinov Evgenii Alekseevich, Siberian State Technological University
Kedrinskii I. A., Siberian State Technological University
Shishko V. S., Siberian State Technological University

It is experimentally proved, that electrochemical properties of foamgraphite are determined by a mode of the first cycle of a charge (a mode of formation of a superficial layer on carbon). It is shown, that the mode of a charge with application of high density of a current (a mode of short circuit) creates conditions of formation superficial isolation multifunctional layer (IML) on a carbon material mainly from a carbonate of lithium. Application a mode of a charge at short circuit of electrodes on high resistance (100-200 kOm) results in formation of a superficial layer of mainly organic structure. Cycling of electrochemical cells with electrodes the charged various methods has shown, that the organic IML is supplemented a carbonate, that provides long cycling electrodes in a convertible mode with irreversible loss of capacity not above 5%. Thus the size x in intercalate LixCl6, depends on density of a cycling current, and lays in an interval from 0.3 up to 0.6. at low density of a current (about 1-10 mA/g) reaches x = 1.