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Stepanov A. N.

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Savina E. E., Kazarinov I. A., Semykin A. V., Stepanov A. N., Golikova N. Y., Protasov E. N. Development of technological principles for designing a valve-regulated Ni-MH battery of the NMG type
Kuz'micheva E. V., Stepanov A. N., Kazarinov I. A., Ignatov O. V. Studying kinetics of oxidation of glucose by bacterial cells Escherichia Coli by means of a method of a rotating disk electrode
Savina E. E., Stepanov A. N., Abdullaev K. F., Kazarinov I. A., Golikova N. Y., Protasov E. N. Chemical activation influence on the electrochemical and structural characteristics of the metal hydride electrode
Stepanov A. N., Savina E. E., Eliseev K. V., Zaev A. A., Kazarinov I. A., Reshetov V. A. The optimisation of initial secondary structure of metal hydride electrode based on granulometric composition of components of electrode's active weight
Stepanov A. N., Savina E. E., Kocharmin A. S., Kurbanova E. I., Kazarinov I. A., Taldykina T. I., Golikova N. Y. Influence of the introduction technique of metal nickel additives into the metal-hydride electrode's active mass on the hermetically-sealed nickel-metal-hydride battery performance
Stepanov A. N., Savina E. E., Eliseev K. V., Zaev A. A., Kazarinov I. A. Influence of the active-mass granulometric spectrum on the electrochemical characteristics of the metal-hydride electrode