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ISSN 1680-9505 (Online)

никель-металлогидридный аккумулятор

Influence of the active-mass granulometric spectrum on the electrochemical characteristics of the metal-hydride electrode

A comparative study was made of the electrochemical characteristics of metal hydride (MH) electrodes based on powder compositions of various granulometric characteristics. The electrochemical discharge capacity of the MH electrode has been found to be strongly dependent of the linear grain size of the hydrogen-sorbing alloy and carbonylic nickel. An increase in the dispersity degree of the hydrogen-sorbing alloy powder leads to reduction of the discharge characteristics of the MH electrode. A reverse dependence is observed for carbonylic nickel.

The optimisation of initial secondary structure of metal hydride electrode based on granulometric composition of components of electrode's active weight

A comparative study of electrochemical characteristics of alloy compositions hydrogensorbing type AB5 – Nickel (as an activator, a conductive additive), depending on the size distribution of the components have been done. Results have determined that for simplification activation and increases of discharge capacity Metal-hydride an electrode the composition consisting of a powder hydrogensorbing of an alloy with the sizes of particles from 50 to 100 micrometers and the electroconductive additive with diameter of particles less 0,5 micrometers is optimum.