ISSN 1608-4039 (Print)
ISSN 1680-9505 (Online)


Influence of gallium additives on the anodic behavior of the conductive aluminum alloy E-AlMgSi (aldrey) in NaCl electrolyte medium

The work presents the results of the study of the anodic behavior of aluminum alloy E-AlMgSi (aldrey) with gallium, in the medium of 0.03; 0.3 и 3.0% NaCl electrolyte. The corrosion-electrochemical study of alloys was carried out using the potentiostatic method. It was shown that doping E-AlMgSi (aldrey) with gallium increased its corrosion resistance by 20%. The main electrochemical potentials of the alloys when doping with gallium are shifted to the positive range of values, and at the concentration of sodium chloride to the negative values of the ordinate axis.