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герметичный никель-кадмиевый аккумулятор

Reserve long-duration power supply provision for self-contained radio-electronic equipment

The problems of providing the reliable uninterrupted power supply of radio-electronic equipment using the ac power supply source as the primary power supply are examined. Hermetic NiCd accumulator battery with a long operating time is suggested as a standby power supply. The charging device scheme is developed providing the battery permanent readiness for operation. The device models have been manufactured and tested.

The sealed nickel-cadmium accumulator of KGL300P with electrodes of lamella construction

The aim of this work was to explore the possibility of designing a valve-regulated nickel-cadmium KGL300P battery on the basis of the commercial lamellar-electrode KL300P battery with the use of a universal principle of compulsory oxygen pumping into the cadmium electrode's pores. The unwoven geotextile TU 8397-056-05283280-2002 linen of the Geocom A-200 brand can be used as a separator material in the design of such a battery.

Investigation of the Causes of Thermal Run-away in Sealed Nickel-Cadmium Batteries

It is shown from analysis of charging current and voltage change on the terminals of sealed Ni-Cd battery at thermal runaway, that thermal runaway is accompanied by a new high-power electrochemical reaction, going at battery voltage of approximately 0.55 V.