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Corrosion and Еlectrochemical Behaviour of Magnesium and Magnesium-Lithium Alloys in Phosphoric Acid Media

The corrosion and electrochemical behavior of magnesium and the MA 21 magnesium-lithium alloys in solutions of moderately acidic phosphates with various additives was studied. The inhibiting effect of nitrate and fluoride ions on the anode dissolution of these objects was revealed. Features of the electrochemical dissolution of magnesium and the magnesium-lithium alloys in nitrate phosphate solutions with fluoride ions caused by their activation-passivation competition have been noted.

Composition and structure of passive layers on lead and multicomponent lead alloys surface under the anodic oxidation in 4.8M sulfuric acid solution

Electrochemical and corrosion behavior lead, lead-tin and lead-tin-calcium alloys doped with silver and barium was investigated. Composition and structure of passive layers were studied by means of scanning electron microscopy and X-ray analysis.