ISSN 1608-4039 (Print)
ISSN 1680-9505 (Online)

ускоренное формирование

The research of nickel-cadmium accumulators forming process on their physical models

Approach to the choice of charge termination criterion of nickel-cadmium accumulators forming cycles is described. The results of accumulators' physical models forming, using chosen criterion are represented. The research shows the effectiveness of prolonged – before voltage regulation – charges during nickel-cadmium accumulators capacity forming due to the considerable decrease in the number of charge-discharge forming cycles and improvement of their discharge characteristics.

Research of sealed nickel-cadmium accumu-lators with thin electrodes formation

The results of nickel-cadmium accumulators formation with asymmetric current, in the mode providing long life of the first cycle till the accumulator stress stops to grow, are represented. The possibility of using stress on the accumulator as criterion of charge completion is proved. Research shows efficiency of mode applying chosen criterion – consedirable decrease of charge-discharge cycles of formation while preserving given working characteristics.