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Estimation of kinetic activity of the NiOOH/Ni(OH)2 solid-state couple

The results of protons diffusion mathematical modeling in the crystalline lattice of NiOOH/ Ni(OH)2 are caparisoned with data of experiments on thin (100 μm) porous electrodes. The criterion of nickel hydroxide activity is offered as product of proton diffusion coefficient in the crystalline lattice of NiOOH on the square of specific surface area. It was founded existence of protons migration mechanism in a crystalline lattice under action electric field.

Electrochemical Impedance of Lithium-tionyl Chloride Current Sources in the Low-frequency Range


Low-frequency electrochemical impedance spectroscopy in the frequency range from 12.5 to 5 ? 10?4 Hz was used to study changes in standard lithium-thionyl chloride cells during their discharge. Analysis of possible equivalent circuits describing the experimental data shows that the behavior of the cells discharged to 70% can be simulated by finite diffusion impedance in this frequency range.