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Phase diagrams of the ternary systems NaBH4–NaOH–H2O, KBH4–KOH–H2O, NaBO2–NaOH–H2O and KBO2–KOH–H2O by -10°С

A study of the solubility in the ternary systems NaBH4–NaOH–H2O, KBH4–KOH–H2O, NaOH–NaBO2–H2O и KOH–KBO2–H2O is of special fundamental and practical interest. The first two systems are used as a fuel and as a hydrogen source in hydrogen power engineering that includes the low-temperature fuel cells; borohydrides are converted into metaborates. Hence, the last two systems represent the discharged by-product.

Calculation of density, viscosity, and conductivity for Na(K)BH4 – Na(K)BO2 – Na(K)OH – H2O solutions used in hydrogen power engineering

Concentrated water-alkaline mixtures of sodium and potassium borohydrides and borates are used as fuel and a hydrogen source in hydrogen power engineering, including low-temperature fuel cells. The performance of such mixtures is determined by their physicochemical properties. An algorithm to calculate the density, viscosity, and specific electric conductivity of mixed solutions of the five-component water + salt system (Na,K)BH4 + (Na,K)BO2 + (Na,K)OH + H2O based on the quasiadditivity of these properties is proposed.