ISSN 1608-4039 (Print)
ISSN 1680-9505 (Online)


Search algorithm based on the phase trees (crystallization trees) of the solt systems for chemical sources of electric current

Search algorithm based on the phase trees of the multicomponent systems for compositions with given properties (melting temperature, melting enthalpy, electroconductivity, etc.) was developed. The algorithm was evaluated on a tetracomponent reciprocal system Li,K||F,Br,WO4. Ternary system LiF–LiBr–Li2WO4, ternary reciprocal system Li,K||Br,WO4, stable secant triangle LiF–Li2WO4–KBr and stable tetrahedron LiF–LiBr–Li2WO4–KBr were experimentally investigated.