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Impediance spectroscopy of modified potassium titanates. II

The electrochemical and electrophysical properties of basic and protonated potassium titanates in contact with the graphite electrodes were studied using the method of impedance spectroscopy. The characteristics of potassium titanates are given depending on the methods of modification and on the methods of their processing. The activation energies for some compositions were determined.

Impedance spectroscopy of modified potassium titanates. I

The electrochemical and electrophysical properties of the protonated and modified with silver iodide potassium titanates, which can be applied in energy storage units, have been investigated by impedance spectroscopy. It has been shown that the dielectric losses at medium and high frequencies are weakly dependent on the polarizing voltage. It has also been established that transfer in modified potassium titanate can be made through potassium and silver ions.