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An Influence of the Synthesis Technique on the Physicochemical Properties of LaLi0.1Со0.1Fe0.8O3 – Δ

The phase composition, conductivity and corrosion resistance under the Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell (MCFC) operating conditions of synthesized using common ceramic and cocrystallization techniques samples of LaLi0.1Со0.1Fe0.8O3 – δ have been studied. It was found, that the phase composition of synthesized by ceramic technique sample differed from the nominal composition. This difference arose from the formation of complex oxide (La1-yLiy)(Li0.1-yCoxFe0.9 – x)O3 – δ', y ≤ 0.1, and La2O3. Synthesized by cocrystallization technique sample was found to be of single phase. Its conductivity differed from the conductivity of two phase sample. Under MCFC operating conditions the difference in properties of synthesized by both techniques samples diminished and converged towards the properties of the sample prepared by ceramic technique.