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The lead accumulators with surface electrodes

To increase the specific characteristics of the surface electrodes, used in the lead accumulators it is necessary to exclude the influence of the internal stress in the paste which is obtained by the electrochemical way. One of the variants of the solutions of this problem is the electrochemical obtaining the paste under the pressure directed to the surface of the forming paste.

The fast method of the available capacity diagnostics of the lead-acid battery

Present article describes the method of operative diagnostics of available capacity of the lead-acid accumulator (battery) at 10 or 20-h discharge mode. This method is developed on the basis of mathematical model of process of the discharge of the lead-acid accumulator. This allows calculating the available capacity of the accumulator (battery) on the basis of measurement of function of a response to the set short-term test signal without necessity of carrying out the control discharge of the battery.