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Korchagin B. V., Shkerin S. N., Lipilin A. S., Nikonov A. V., Khrustov V. R., Rempel' A. A. Optimized catalysts for direct ethanol fuel cell. Electrochemical Energetics, 2010, vol. 10, iss. 1, pp. 11-18. , EDN: LEZKHB

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Optimized catalysts for direct ethanol fuel cell

Korchagin B. V., Engelssky Institute of Technology of the Saratov State Technical University
Shkerin S. N., Institute of high-temperature Electrochemistry UB of RAS
Lipilin A. S., Institute of Electrophysics UB of RAS
Nikonov A. V., Institute of Electrophysics UB of RAS
Khrustov V. R., Institute of Electrophysics UB of RAS
Rempel' Al. A., Institute of Electrophysics UB of RAS

Ethanol electrooxidation catalyst PtSn (3:1, 40% Pt) on pyrolytic double-walled carbon nanotubes as a carrier was synthesized by means of modified polyol method. Electrocatalytic activity of the synthesized catalyst in model conditions (0.5М H2SO4 + 1М С2Н5ОН) is higher than that for analogous catalyst on XC 72 carbon and equals to 70 mA/mgcat (E = 0.4 V). Tolerant cathode catalysts based on nonmetal (S, P, Bi) modified Pt and platinum-free cathode catalysts PdСо and RuСоSe were synthesized by means of high temperature method. Enhanced efficiency and tolerance of these systems were shown in oxygen reduction reaction in presence of ethanol. PdCo (20% Pd, 6% Co) and PtBi (9 : 1, 40% Pt) showed the highest ethanol tolerance. Model tests results have been confirmed by low temperature ethanol-oxygen fuel cell tests data for MEAs with considered catalysts.

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