Nickel-hydrogen rechargeable electrochemical systems. Part 2

The analytical review of modern references on nickel-hydrogen electrochemical systems has been presented. The paper acquaints a curt information about history of their development. The attempt of systematization for a modem knowledge about performances of various hydrogen storage metal alloy families in terms of their potential and practical employment in nickel metal-hydride alkaline batteries is made. Upon a closer view of the literary data the main emphasis has been made on factors, which preferably afTect on kinetics of discussed processes. In the first part we have presented a picture of the up-to-date image about mechanism and kinetics of hydrogen electrochemical reaction an both pure metals such as palladium, nickel, titanium and their simple alloys. Furthermore, the data about the effect of the chemical nature and stoichiometry of complex metal AB and A<sub>2B</sub> – type alloys on the hydride stability, hydrogen storage capability and kinetics of hydrogen sorption-desorption in the metal hydride electrode/electrolyte solution systems have been colligated.

стр. 63