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Fedotov D. B., Yalyushev N. I., Maftei A. N., Makovetskii D. V. Diagnostic of Lithium-Thionyl Chloride Cells Self-Discharge. Electrochemical Energetics, 2017, vol. 17, iss. 1, pp. 9-18. DOI: 10.18500/1608-4039-2017-17-1-9-18, EDN: ZCTEIB

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Diagnostic of Lithium-Thionyl Chloride Cells Self-Discharge

Fedotov Dmitrii Borisovich, JSC IF Orion-HIT
Yalyushev Nikolai Ismailovich, The Southern Russian State Polytechnical University (NPI) of M. I. Platov
Maftei Aleksandr Nikolaevich, The Southern Russian State Polytechnical University (NPI) of M. I. Platov


The problem of lithium-thionyl chloride electrochemical cell state diagnostics is described. Their after-storage performance predictability is presented. Self-discharge value diagnostics is a key issue in electrochemical cells manufacturing and utilization. The article presents major modern methods of electrochemical cell residual capacity estimation. A new method of Li/SOCl2 system self-discharge diagnostics is proposed; it is based on the measurement of initial section voltage – current strength ratio.

The voltage-ampere dependence of lithium-thionyl chloride cell residual capacity and the current values at the initial element section is determined.


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