Lithium electrochemical systems

Some problems of thin-film secondary batteries design

Specific capacity of secondary batteries with thin-film electrodes have been estimated. Notable gain in specific capacity is shown to be possible only at substitution of the both electrodes with higher capacity for traditional ones.

Dielectric qualities of lithium iron spineless doped by ion Mg+ on basis of impedance temperature researches

Cite measuring result spectrum impedance of poly crystalline samples Mg-rcplacc lithium-iron spinel structure Li0 5l;c24Mg01O4 in the frequency range И>2 105 Hz in temperature range 295 723K. Displayed, that conduct temperature dependence real part of dielectric conductivity from temperature affirm about process activation electron transition between ions of iron varied valence and accompany reorientation dipole in variable field.
At high temperatures (T> 573K) make apparent dominating contribution of electro conductivity on direct current. Activation energy of conductivity in low (295 473K) and high (473 723K) temperatures region put accordingly 0.3 and 0.4 eV. Distinction value activation energy grows with increase frequencies and form on a frequency./ 105 Hz -55%. Такса research components complex electrical module of dielectric polarization, enabling division electronic and ionic part of conductivity.