Potassium ion conductivity in mixed gallate-ferrite solid electrolytes

New potassium solid electrolytes in the mixed gallate-ferrite systems K0.85Pb0.75(Ga1-xFex)O2 and K1.85(Ga1-xFe_x)1.925V0.75O4 were synthesized and studied. In the both systems the monotonic increasing of conductivity with increasing of Fe3+ concentration takes place, anomalies as in the early investigated aluminate-ferrite systems does not fixed. Conductivities at the intermediate ranges of «x» have rather high values (> 10-2 Cm·sm-1 at 50°C, > 1 Cm·sm-1 at 70°C), this allowes to optimize the composition of solid electrolytes at the relation of conductivity/stability properties.


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