Influence of pressure on structural characteristics of separation materials and oxygen ionization rate in the electrode block of the lead-acid accumulator

In this article was studied pressure influence in the electrode block of the model of the lead-acid accumulator on the most important physical properties (a specific surface, pore size distribution, compression properties, speed of capillary lifting of electrolyte) of absorbent glass mat separators of the trademarks «Hollingsworth» (USA) and "Bernard Dumas"(France) and on efficiency of an oxygen cycle. It is shown that the highest compression properties separators with a high specific surface (7-10 m2/g) possess. The increase of pressure in the electrode block conducts to pores size redistribution towards decrease in a share of a pore with a radius of 10-15 microns and increase in a share of smaller pore with radius of 1-5 microns. Observed reduction of a share of a large pore explains decrease in height and speed of lifting of electrolyte with higher pressure in the electrode block. The increase of pressure in the electrode block to 50 kPa leads to decrease oxygen ionization rate on a lead electrode.


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