Temperature dependence of polarization and corrosion characteristics of different aluminum alloys in alkaline electrolyte

Aluminum is one of the most energy-intensive materials, which is the base for the air-aluminum electrochemical generators (AA ECG) with a specific energy of 300 W·h/kg. Such generators can be considered as a promising source of energy for electric vehicle due to their advantages such as high energy, the possibility of organizing a closed cycle of aluminum production and use of heat generated by the AA ECG for heating the interior of the electric vehicle. The operation of AA ECG is most effective when aluminum alloys with indium in an alkaline electrolyte (with the addition of tin salts as a corrosion inhibitor) are used. The subjects of temperature influence on the anodic dissolution and aluminum corrosion and maximum power density are still not enough studied. This article is devoted to the study of the temperature effect on the anodic dissolution of aluminum and its alloys at the maximum achievable current density.


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