Structural Characteristics of Absorbent Glass Mat Separators and their Influence on Oxygen Ionization Rate in Models of Lead-Acid Accumulators

The most important structural and physicomechanical properties of absorbent glass mat separators «Hollingswoth and Vose», «Bernard Dumas», «BMSK AT Nippon» intended for lead-acid battery (LAB) are studied. It is shown that on pore size distribution strong influence puts the enclosed pressure: at compression 50 kPa there is a considerable reduction of the size of a pore. However for the separation material «BMSK AT Nippon» the share of pores with radius from 5 to 10 microns is much higher, than for the separation materials «Hollingswoth and Vose» and «Bernard Dumas». Studying of process of oxygen absorption on negative an electrode in the LAB models showed that most effectively process of absorption of oxygen occurs in the LAB models to the separation material «BMSK AT Nippon».


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