Synthesis and research of electrochemical properties of new gel electrolytes based on polyester diacrylates and 1 M LiBF4 in gamma-butirolactone

Gel polymer electrolytes (GPE) based on polyester diacrylates and 1 M LiBF4 in γ -butirolactone are synthesized and studied. Bulk conductivity has made (3.65 – 2.04)·10 – 3 Ohm –1·cm – 1 at room temperature for GPE with introduction 10 – 20 w/w. % polyester diacrylate. Temperature dependences of electrochemical properties of GPE in an interval from -17° up to +50°С are Studied. Electrochemical properties the GPE inserted in polypropylene separators of different kinds are investigated. Based on experimental data the primary source of current Li/GPE/CFx has been collected and its tests are carried out.


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