Lithium-ionic conduction of solid solutions Li8Zr1 – xCexO6

In order to attain a higher conductivity of phase Li8ZrO6, which has the relatively higher conductivity and chemical stability to lithium the effect of substitution of Zr-sublattice was investigated. The homogeneous region of the solid solutions Li8Zr1 – xCexO6 was 0 ≤ x < 0.07. Transport properties of lithium ion conductors of the system Li8Zr1–xCexO6 were investigated (the electronic part of the total conductivity, concentration dependence of the total conductivity and the activation energy). It is establish that phase Li8ZrO6 and the solid solutions Li8Zr1–xCeXO6 mainly have a lithium-ionic conductivity.


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