Electrocatalysts for direct ethanol oxidation in fuel cell with polymer proton-exchange electrolyte

Two sets of electrocatalysts for ethanol electrooxidation were synthesized: PtSnX (X=Ni, Co, Mn, V) and RuM (M=Cr, Ti, Mn, V, W). It was shown by transmission electron microscopy and cyclic voltammetry (CV) that particle size of PtSnX metallic phase is equal to 2 – 2.5 nm and its specific surface area is 80-90 m2/g, which is close to structural performance of the commercial catalyst. Electrocatalytic activity of studied samples was determined from polarization curves obtained in 0.5М Н24 and Н3РО4 solutions containing 1М С2Н5ОН. PtSnNi and PtRu catalysts were tested in ethanol-oxygen fuel cell layout (FC). The maximum power density achieved was 65 mW/cm2 in the case of FC with PBI membrane and 95 mW/cm2 for FC with Nafion membrane.


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