Lithiated cobalt oxides from various precursors: the comparative study of synthesis and electrochemical properties. Part 1. Synthesis of lithium cobaltite

Three versions of lithium cobaltite synthesis are studied, various precursors being used, specifically Co(NO3)2-LiNO3; Co3O4-LiOH: CoC2O4-LiNO3 The main feature of the present technology is rather large amount of target product (up to 1 kg) in unit operation. The best results were obtained using pair Co3O4-LiOH as precursors. Such material has initial specific capacity 148 mA·h/g with degradation rate 0.45 mA·h/g per cycle. Lithium cobaltite synthesized from other precursors have the same initial specific capacity but faster fading (up to 1 mA·h/g per cycle).