Influence of fullerene on electrochemical characteristics of LixC6 electrode

It was investigated influence of fullerene additives C60 to LixС6 electrodes electrochemical behaviour in 1M LiClO4 solution in mixture propylenecarbonate and dimetoxiethane (1:1).
It is shown that introduction of fullerene in composition of LixC6 electrode assist by decrease of diffusion limitation in solid phase. The discharge capacity Qp increases in 4-5 once by comparison with source LixC6 electrode. The dependency Qp from contents C60 in active material of the electrode is characterized by two maximums, answering 5 and 20% mas C60. The voiced suggestion that this is bound with structural changes, conditioned by interaction in system graphite – fullerene-ftoroplast, influencing on process of Li+ intercalation-deintercalation.