Kinetics law of lithium in electrochemical system LiAl/LiI(DAC)/С8CrO3 (DAC)

The lithium intercalation to С8CrO3--electrode from Lil-electrolyte in polymeric matrics on a basic of diacetate cellulose (DAC) was investigated. It was registered that the intercalate LixC8CrO3 forms by dimeasured mechanism through lamella drawing. The appearance of electrode passivation was discovered as result of increase of cathodic polarization. It was surmised that reaction of lithium intercalation is controlling by volume properties of conductive medium. Presence of DAC in volume of С8CrO3-electrode promotes to "resolution" of injec- tived charge through bulk of passive layer without breaking of its electroneutrality.

стр. 83