Electrochemical activity of the electrodes with electrocatalytic coatings

Electrochemical activity of electrodes for electrolysis of water is investigated. As catalysts coating Ni-S-Co, suspension LaNi2.5Co2.4Al0.1 or their combinations were applied. As electrolyte at test of electrodes 30% KOH or NaOH is used. Current density varied in a range from 10 to 600 мА/cm2 at temperature 20-80°C. When the temperature increases from 20 to 80°C the current density on cathodes with composite LaNi2.5Co2.4Alo.i/Ni-S-Co catalyst increases 4 times at constant potential E = –1.10 V (rel. Hg/HgO). When the current density of more than 100 mA/cm2 cathodes with all catalysts offered by us in this work have lower value of potential than the similar cathodes described in the scientific literature. In contrast to the cathodes, catalyst LaNi2.5Co2.4Al0.1/Ni–S–Co does not render influence on electrochemical activity of the anode.