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ISSN 1608-4039 ISSN (electronic version) 1680-9505

Elektrokhimicheskaya Energetica (Electrochemical Energetics)   is a scientific and technical journal.


The publisher of the journal is Saratov State University


Its founders are Saratov State University, National Research University "MEI" (Moscow), and National Association of Power Sources "RUSBAT" (Moscow).

The mass media registration certificate: PI No 77-15569 of 20 May, 2003. It was re-registered by the Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Mass Communications and Protection of Cultural Heritage in connection with the changed composition of the founders—Certificate PI No FS77-30820 of December 27, 2007.


Since 2007, by the decision of the Presidium of the Higher Attestation Commission (Ministry of Education and Science), the journal is included in the list of leading reviewed research journals to publish the main results of dissertation research on the degree of doctor and candidate of sciences.


The journal is published four times a year.


Scientific leads of Elektrokhimicheskaya Energetica (Electrochemical Energetics):

1. Fundamental problems of energy conversion in lithium electrochemical systems;

2. Fundamental problems of the improvement of traditional electrochemical systems (lead-acid, nickel-cadmium, nickel-metal hydride, electrochemical capacitors);

3. Fuel cells and power installations on their basis;

4. Physicochemical problems of electrolytes and electrolyte systems (solid, non-aqueous, polymeric, and gel-like ones);

5. Scientific basis of modern technologies of production of chemical power sources; new materials, including composite and nano-scale ones.

6. Scientific bases of processing and recycling of chemical power sources.


The need for publication of this journal is dictated by many factors. Chemical power sources (CPS) are increasingly used in various spheres of human activity: aerospace, military, computer and electronic engineering, in power engineering and communications, transport and medicine. An important role is played by electrochemical power engineering in environmental issues facing humanity as well. The world is therefore experiencing rapid industrial development of chemical power sources. Over the past three decades, the production of new CPS has been adopted, namely: lithium primary cells, nickel-metal hydride and lithium-ion batteries, electrochemical capacitors, and fuel cell-based power plants (FCPP). Naturally, large-scale research on the development of new electrochemical systems and the improvement of traditional ones is conducted. Every year, theoretical problems of electrochemical power engineering are discussed at many international scientific conferences, achievements of the CPS industry are demonstrated at international exhibitions, several journals devoted to electrochemical power engineering or its separate leads are published in the world. Despite the fact that chemical power sources are the fastest growing branch of applied electrochemistry, no special journal devoted to problems of electrochemical power engineering had not been published in Russian Federation and CIS countries. Meanwhile, there is a great need for chemical power sources in Russian Federation, their production has remained, some research teams and schools are preserved and continue to actively work, which have certain achievements in specific areas of electrochemical power engineering, including those at the international level. Therefore, our publication of the international journal "Elektrokhimicheskaya Energetica (Electrochemical Energetics) is thought as necessary and timely. The journal is to publish original research papers and reports, scientific reviews, to illuminate the status of the CPS industry (primary cells, batteries and electrochemical capacitors, fuel cells), the development of research and development activities in the field of CPS and FCPP in Russian Federation and other countries, to provide information on the work of enterprises, institutions, laboratories and chairs, on ongoing conferences and meetings, exhibitions and training. The latter circumstance is very important for us, since the bulk of the applicants of academic degrees and academic titles on specialties 02.00.05 “electrochemistry” (chemical and engineering sciences) and 05.17.03 “Technology of electrochemical processes and protection against corrosion” (engineering) in the last decade has published their research results in Elektrokhimicheskaya Energetica (Electrochemical Energetics).

Manuscripts should be prepared in accordance with the Rules of the journal.


Received manuscripts are reviewed (see Manuscript review procedure), and then the editorial board makes a decision on the possibility of their publication in the journal.


To observe the rights and obligations of authors and Saratov State University, involved in the publication of research papers in  Elektrokhimicheskaya Energetica (Electrochemical Energetics), "Contract on the publication and the right to use the product" is to be signed between the author and the publisher. The form of such a contract is attached.